Feb 172014

This week I finally heard about “rice ramen” from Lotus Foods. Rice ramen is gluten free and frankly looks a bit more adult and probably healthy when compared to your average ramen. Recently I’ve been trying to eat less processed and more natural foods (which generally means little to no ramen), but this product looks promising. It’s organic and has less sodium than your average pack. The other thing is that with the different varieties of rice the noodles have lots of interesting colors that would be some interesting dishes. Take a look at these purple forbidden rice noodles.

Forbidden Rice Ramen

Forbidden Rice Ramen

As for the gluten, I’m not gluten free, but a lot of people are for a lot of reasons and I know that having a quick option is nice.

I have not seen these in stores around here but you can buy them online from the link above. If you guys try it please leave a comment about it and let me know how you like it.

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  One Response to “Rice Ramen Looks Interesting”

  1. Thanks for covering our new Rice Ramen! It’s now available at Whole Foods nationwide and will soon be more widely available at natural foods stores near you. It’s also available on our website (http://www.lotusfoods.com/Heat-and-Eat-Bowls/c/LotusFoods@Ramen). We made this ramen with the gourmet in mind. Yes, it is gluten-free, but anyone can enjoy the rich flavor our pigmented rices lend to the noodle and appreciate the organic ingredients. Enjoy!

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