Feb 072010

Suanne asks:

Do you know if the chicken spice (packet) is sold separately from the noodles?
If you do, where can I purchase this from?

The closest I’ve ever been able to do is buying chicken bullion or beef bullion. I prefer to buy the powdered kind rather than the cubes so that I can control the amount. Has anyone found a way to buy ramen flavor packets or ramen seasoning?

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  5 Responses to “Buying Just the Ramen Flavor Packets?”

  1. I’ve never seen that…ever…but what I do (picked this up from my mother) is save the seasoning packet when I use the noodles but the seasoning. Like, when I just use soy sauce/sriracha or make a cheese sauce.

  2. We cannot find the Salsa flavored chicken Ramen noodles in Heber City
    UT, can you please tell me the closest place to Heber City that might
    have them? Desperate

  3. this may seem silly to you. but if you know any vegitarians that eat raman they might have some of the packets.. personally i’m a vegitarian and in my family we always just buy a bulk of the chicken flavored so i just keep a bowl by the stove to put my unused(closed) pakets of the seasoning in, and whoever wants an extra packet in there ramen just grabs one from the bowl in addition to there other one.
    i just love it.. my siblings “call” who gets the next unused packet.. and i especially love trying to figure out ne vegitarian ways to make my ramen!!

  4. Though I usually eat Ramen for lunch, I only use some of the packets. Since I’ve been doing this for a while, I now have a box with (probably) hundreds of chicken-flavor packets. I occasionally think of tossing them, but then I read posts like these and wonder if someone would be willing to buy them off me.

  5. @MI

    Who would buy them off you? You can buy a pack of ramen for $0.15 at target.

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