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I’m a coder of code, brewer of beer, hiker of mountains, and this is my blog. I figure that this will be mostly about code I write and learnings that will help save people time when they’re working on a problem I’ve already solved.

I currently work at Time Warner Cable, and I work on OpenStack. This blog represents my personal opinions and not the opinions of my employers.

I also run a semi-famous ramen noodle blog.

You can reach me directly at matt@mattfischer.com

The header image is a picture take from the top of Keystone, Colorado, in June 2012; looking northwest. The Park Range (~40 miles away) is visible on the left hand side.

2 thoughts on “About Matt

  1. Sanket Lawangare says:

    Hello Matt,

    I am graduate student at UTSA and for my master’s Thesis I am working on implementing Kerberos in Openstack. I have implemented the Kerberos mechanism in the client middleware side and Keystone server side (In my implementation, Keystone = KDC).

    Based on one of your blogs “USING KEYSTONE’S LDAP CONNECTION POOLS TO SPEED UP OPENSTACK” you did some performance testing on LDAP to validate the speedup. I wanted to know if you wrote a bash script here or it was just a software for doing the evaluations?

    I am looking create 100 users and request token simultaneously to test Token generation time of my implementation Vs the existing mechanism.

    Can you kindly help? Thank you for your time.


  2. “I currently work at Canonical” bit is a bit dated

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