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OpenStack: How to Grant or Deny Permissions to Features

I’m now working on OpenStack (still on Ubuntu too in my free time) and part of that switch is lots of learning. Today I tried to answer a basic question, “How do I prevent a user from being able to create a router?” After some mostly fruitless searching and asking I stumbled upon a policy.json file in the neutron config, this looked promising. So from that start to a functional solution, follow along below.

First, Ask the Right Question

As I found out later, the right way to ask this is “how do I deny everyone the right to create a router and allow some people”. This is using the role based security model that OpenStack uses. Previously I’d only used the standard admin and _member_ roles. Now I had a use for a new role.

Create and Assign the Role

Now I needed to create a role. I did this in Horizon, by clicking on Admin->Roles. I called my new role “can_create_router”, which is probably too specific for the real world but works fine here. After creating the role, I needed to grant the role to a user. For my example, I have two users, mfisch, who cannot create routers and router_man, who can. Since I could not find how to grant a role in Horizon (Havana), I used the CLI.

Find tenant ID

[root@co-control-01 ~(keystone_admin)]# keystone tenant-list
| id | name | enabled |
| 0a7685cce7c341fd94a83b5dc5f4b18f | admin | True |
| 0b85137ded2b45418ebfc3278675679e | proj | True |
| 03fae7b406814ea48a4c10255dd855cf | services | True |

Find the user-id for router_man

[root@co-control-01 ~(keystone_admin)]# keystone user-list --tenant-id 0b85137ded2b45418ebfc3278675679e
| id | name | enabled | email |
| 01faa8477702463fa12ea5d6b6950416 | mfisch | True | |
| 0586608123e343f2a0be8237029bdc2d | router_man | True | |

Find the ID for the “can_create_routers” role

[root@co-control-01 ~(keystone_admin)]# keystone role-list
| id | name |
| 0fe2ff9ee4384b1894a90878d3e92bab | _member_ |
| 0c580f80022a4705b49b920772936178 | admin |
| 03e83b65036a4e0cbd7cff5bff858c76 | can_create_routers |

Finally, grant the “can_create_routers” role to router_man

keystone user-role-add --user-id 0586608123e343f2a0be8237029bdc2d --tenant-id 0b85137ded2b45418ebfc3278675679e --role-id 03e83b65036a4e0cbd7cff5bff858c76

And validate the new role

[root@co-control-01 ~(keystone_admin)]# keystone user-role-list --user-id 8586608123e343f2a0be8237029bdc2d --tenant-id 5b85137ded2b45418ebfc3278675679e
| id | name | user_id | tenant_id |
| 006eaf0730e44756bc679038477d3bbd | Member | 0586608123e343f2a0be8237029bdc2d | 0b85137ded2b45418ebfc3278675679e |
| 03e83b65036a4e0cbd7cff5bff858c76 | can_create_routers | 0586608123e343f2a0be8237029bdc2d | 0b85137ded2b45418ebfc3278675679e |

Configure Neutron’s Policy File

Now we need to configure neutron to allow this new role and to block everyone without it. This is not so easy since there’s no CLI yet for this. Like most really cool stuff in OpenStack, it’s probably 6 months away. For now, do it manually.

We start by making a backup of /etc/neutron/policy.json on the control node, because we don’t want to break stuff. After that, open the file and look for the line that has “create_router”: on it. This is the feature we’d like router_man to have. How this file works is explained here in more detail, but what we need to know for now is that we only want admins and anyone with the “can_create_routers” role to be able to do it. I ended up doing it like this:

"create_router": "rule:context_is_admin or role:can_create_routers",

“rule:context_is_admin” basically boils down to “role:admin” so that will also work. Save the file and exit.
Here’s my diff of the file if you’d rather see it that way:
< "create_router": "rule:regular_user", --- > "create_router": "rule:context_is_admin or role:can_create_routers",

Restart neutron

I can never remember all the neutron services, so I usually run service –list-all | grep neutron and restart everything that’s running. This is my set from today:

service neutron-server restart
service neutron-dhcp-agent restart
service neutron-metadata-agent restart
service neutron-openvswitch-agent restart

If you know a way to restart all of neutron/nova/etc with a pseudo-service, please let me know.

Try It!

Log into Horizon as mfisch and then try to create a router.

No router for you!

No router for you!

Now let’s sign in as router_man and see if we have the power.

Great Success

Great Success


I’m just scratching the surface of what you can do with these roles. The policy.json files are full of things that you can allow or deny. In the future, Horizon is supposed to take these into account when laying out the UI, because ideally mfisch in this scenario shouldn’t even see the “Create Router” button. Until then, the error message will suffice. Also thanks to Dave Lyle at HP for pointing me in the right direction this morning when I was fumbling around.