Evolution of a Cloud As Seen Through Gerrit

Over the past two+ years our cloud has evolved, we’ve expanded, we’ve containerized, we’ve added services. Last week I thought it would be interesting to see this evolution by looking at Gerrit reviews over time, so like sand through an hourglass, these are the reviews of our cloud. Note: I used some artistic license to skip reviews that were abandoned or boring.

Review 1000 – Initial version of JDG jobs for git-crypt – Oct 2014

git-crypt is a tool that’s useful when you need to store stuff like certificates in git. We couldn’t find a package for it, so this commit sets up Jenkins Debian Glue jobs to build it.

Review 2000 – Adds monasca rabbitmq checks – Jan 2015

We’ve been running Monasca now for some time, it’s a great tool for monitoring, especially time-series data, like seeing how long it takes to build an instance. Seems like we added checks for rabbit around this time. I’m fairly sure that we were the first non-HP team to roll this out and we are active contributors to this and authored the puppet module.

Review 3010 – Enable keystone auth for designate – March 2015

Around this time we were rolling out Designate, the DNS as a Service project. It’s been pretty solid, so solid that we’re still running the Juno version today.

Review 4001 – Remove scenario variable – May 2015

Our first install was deployed using Puppet OpenStack Builder. As time permitted, we removed all the references to it. This review was to remove a scenario variable. A scenario was like “2 nodes” or “single node” or “full HA”, since we were no longer doing a reference architecture, we didn’t need this code anymore.

Review 5000 – Revert “Adding new launch instance dialog for testing” – July 2015

Even when we do testing, the code is pushed out via the standard process. It’s reverted that way too.

Review 6000 – Add more dnvrco03 test boxes – Sep 2015

Around this time we were standing up our v2 network/system architecture. We setup a fake environment here called dnvrco03 that lets us do burn-in testing on systems.

Review 7002 – Implements A10 templates for NTP server – November 2015

We believe that you need to automate all infrastructure, in this review we’re working on automation for our hardware load balancers. This was a key part of moving to our second network architecture.

Review 8000 – Merge branch ‘import/import-2015121002341449714853’ – December 2015

We use git-upstream to track and merge in changes to projects like Horizon, and also all the puppet modules. This was a merge of puppet-cinder into our local copy.

Review 9000 – Parallelize cephosd/swift/compute deploy – Feb 2016

As you grow hardware you need to speed up the deploy process. This ansible commit changes how we parallelize puppet runs on some servers. We’re still tweaking the deploy to this day.

Review 10000 – Add tesora docker support tooling – March 2016

We’re working on Trove with Tesora now and may roll it out in Docker containers. This was prep work for that effort.

Review 11000 – Update IP for bfd02-trove-002 – June 2016

This one seems boring but it’s interesting for me. The trove box needs a new IP because it’s an OpenStack VM. We’re going to run some services, like Trove, as VMs on top of OpenStack. This avoids having to chew up hardware for just a simple API server. We’re specifically doing Trove as a separate node because we want it to have a separate Rabbit cluster.

Review 12000 – Update heat/docker with new avi-heat libs August 2016

Right now we’re testing out new Heat resources for Avi Networks load balancing. The repo is here: https://github.com/avinetworks/avi-heat

We should have review 20000 in 2017, I’m really curious to see what it will be!

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