OpenStack Deployments Book: The Home Stretch

Over the past year, I’ve been working with Elizabeth K Joseph (pleia on IRC) on a book about OpenStack deployments. The idea of this book is that sysadmins and engineers can read it and follow along by setting up OpenStack. This way they can get a feel for how it works, how to diagnose issues, and plan their deployments.

Deployments Book

So how did this project develop? Well, Liz had approached me in Vancouver about the book and we met to discuss it. During a summit lunch overlooking the harbor, we went over scope and responsibilities and with some caveats, I signed on as a contributing author. My main role would be to write puppet code to install and run OpenStack. The idea is that this code would be in a form where users could choose the bits and pieces they wanted to try out and match that against cloud use cases. This would be incorporated into the book’s idea of “OpenStack recipes”. So off and on over the next 12 months, I’ve been reviewing content, discussing strategy, and writing puppet code. Much of the code that I did for this book was actually done in the upstream OpenStack puppet modules, and being core in those modules made that much easier. I’ve watched those modules get more and more mature during the 12 months we worked on this book. During the time we worked on the book we’ve switched from Kilo to Liberty to Mitaka, and although there’s always some bugs during a switch, each one has had less and less.

So where is this book at now? Well the good news is that as of tonight we’re officially code complete and mostly text complete. We’ll continue to work out some kinks and bugs over the next month or so and the book looks like it’s on track for a summer release.

Aside from pre-ordering, you can follow along for updates on the book in a few different ways. Check the website for some updates from Liz (coming soon): Also follow the official OpenStack Deployments Book twitter feed: @deploymentsbook

Once we publish, I’ll also post an update here.

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