Announcing a Gopher Client for Ubuntu Touch

I’ve been wanting to work on an app for Ubuntu Touch for awhile now and so I finally started on it this weekend. I’ve really been swayed by all the arguments about not re-inventing things that have gone on around Ubuntu Touch, so that got me thinking that we really need a gopher client.¬†After all gopher is “faster and more efficient and more organized” than the web, and we could all use more organization.

So with that in mind, here are the first screenshots from my Gopher client:


Right now this is a very early release. I am still fighting with getting rcs setup locally so I’m not quite ready to share it, but when it’s up, I’ll host a uuencoded tarball on my compuserve page.

I hope that 0.2 will add more features, including:

  1. Veronica search built into the dash
  2. Support for more modern themes, including Green on Black and Yellow on Blue.
  3. EBCDIC support (IBM phones only)
  4. Automated image to ASCII graphics conversion

Once this app is finished, I plan on dealing with the lack of the twitter app. I really don’t understand the issue here, we’ve had the finger protocol since 1977 and it works fine, other than the awkward discussions it can lead to.



One thought on “Announcing a Gopher Client for Ubuntu Touch

  1. Stephen Michael Kellat says:

    And yet somebody was already looking in that direction two years ago:

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