Nexus7: What Kind of Bugs Are We Seeing the Most?

I was asked last Friday about what type of bugs we see the most on Nexus7.  Right now we have about 75 unfixed bugs, and from having walked through that bugs list about twenty times, I know that we can break the bugs down into some categories. These are arbitrary categories and subject to debate, but they show the patterns I see in the bug list:

Kernel/Kernel Config/Drivers: 9 bugs

The initial kernel we used was the Android 3.1 kernel, which included binary drivers. This kernel has configuration and code differences from the standard Ubuntu kernel. The kernel team at Canonical is working on trying to get the kernel we’re using as close to Ubuntu as possible. This includes things as simple as enabling more modules and as complex as merging in patches so we can support things like overlayfs.

Onboard Related Issues: 9 bugs

For mobility impaired users, Onboard is a part of daily life. For most of us, we only have to use it when we’re playing with a tablet device, so I think it’s great that these bugs are getting some attention. One bug that was recently fixed by marmuta that should lead to Onboard launching 7x faster with certain themes, including the default theme. Some of the bugs in this category are not issues with Onboard itself, but impact Onboard specifically.

Unity/Nux: 6 bugs

Unity and nux have some bugs that impair the usability of the device and a couple bugs that lead to crashes or lock-ups. This is the area I know the least about. Many of the bugs here are sitting in the upstream project as “New”, if you can help confirm them upstream or even find an older dupe, please do.

Tegra3/nVidia: 6 bugs

We found several bugs that seem to be Tegra3 related, Tegra drivers related, or bugs that we need some input from nVidia on, for example, the sound only works after suspend/resume issue.  Not all of these may really be tegra related issues in the end, many require more investigation.


So these are my top four categories, but that still leaves over half the bugs out. There are some smaller categories, which I’d list as Touch, Performance, and Bluetooth, and then there is Misc aka Everything Else.

Categories aside, another interesting thing I’ve noticed that aside from bugs that are specific to the kernel, drivers, or chipset, almost all the bugs we’ve found were confirmed on other platforms; usually they’re confirmed on a someone’s amd64/i386 laptop. Finding, bringing attention to, and fixing these bugs means shows that we’re achieving one of our goals, which is to fix issues in Ubuntu Core. These fixes will benefit all platforms. There are only a small number of bugs that we have not been able to confirm on other platforms yet, can any of my readers do so?  Here are the ones that stand-out in my mind:

Also I’d like to thank all the new contributors we’ve had in the past couple of weeks, we’re glad for all your help on bugs in any form you can provide it.

Below are the full bug lists for my generated categories:


  • 1068672 webcam support
  • 1072320 please consider adding OTG charging support to kernel
  • 1075549 please include fw_bcmdhd.bin and bcm4330.hcd in linux-firmware for support of the nexus7
  • 1076317 overlayfs support
  • 1070770 bluetoothd dies with glibc malloc memory corruption when used with brcm_patchram
  • 1071259 Setting brightness all the way down actually switches off the display completely
  • 1073499 please consider turning on all possible modules for external USB devices
  • 1073840 Sync kernel configuration with the one from the Ubuntu kernel
  • 1074673 JACK server fails to start


  • 960537 Dash search box doesn’t unhide Onboard on-screen keyboard
  • 1078554 Onboard doesn’t respect launcher icon size
  • 1081227 onboard should optionally stay hidden if a keyboard is present
  • 1075326 On screen keyboard doesn’t re-position in order to see input
  • 421660 gksu’s and gksudo’s modal password prompt prevents OnBoard’s virtual keyboard input, causing accessibility issues
  • 1079591 onboard can be made thin to the point of unusable
  • 1071508 Onboard onscreen keyboard isn’t always shown when text input selected
  • 1077260 When using software center search, onboard goes away until text box is reslected after entering 2 chars
  • 1077277 Keyboard can’t type into Firefox bookmark dialog


  • 1065638 Unity panels don’t display visuals
  • 1072249 Using desktop switcher via touchscreen causes Unity launcher to stop working
  • 1045256 Dash – It should be possible to vertically scroll the Dash left clicking and dragging
  • 1055949 Unity panel shadow appears as solid black bar on GLES/ARM (Pandaboard, Nexus 7)
  • 1075417 Unity panel/launcher width don’t scale with system DPI/font settings
  • 1070374 unity cannot be cleanly restarted from the command-line on Nexus7


  • 1065644 plymouth causes a hard reset of the nexus
  • 1068804 sound only works after suspend/resume cycle
  • 1070283 after reboot, framebuffer of previous boot appears on screen
  • 1073096 Screen is corrupted between rotations
  • 1067954 control-alt-f1 to bring up a VT shows a blank (black) screen
  • 1070755 screen rotates to portrait sometimes

PS – Thanks to Chris Wayne for vetting my bug category list.

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