New Nexus7 Image Available – Check Out the Change List Before Installing!

A new Nexus7 image just posted and can installed using the standard installer and install process. However before you rush out and re-install you should note the changes, only one of which requires you to do a full re-install.

The only fix you need to really reinstall for is this hostname fix:

The other changes are all in the kernel. These changes below can be installed by doing sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install linux-nexus7. This will upgrade you to version 3.1.10-7.11 of the kernel:

  • Enable ISO support
  • Enable NFS support
  • Add battery information (upower –dump now works)
  • Enable LXC support
  • Enable SND_USB_AUDIO, disable SND_HDA_INTEL

Over the next few weeks you should expect more changes to come through the standard apt-get upgrade process. These will include syncing the kernel config with the standard Ubuntu one and bug fixes in non-kernel packages.
We may not release a new image again until we have nightlies working. Please note that you should NOT enable any of the standard quantal archives and upgrade things from there. That will supercede some of our fixes like the ones in Nux and you will likely end up with an unusable system.

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2 thoughts on “New Nexus7 Image Available – Check Out the Change List Before Installing!

  1. This might cause you to get the unpatched nux and unity though: or am I missing something?

    • Matt Fischer says:

      No, that PPA is fine. I was just warning people not to go messing with their sources list. We have all the quantal updates commented out to prevent our stuff from being superseded.

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