12 Months at Canonical

Last fall, I gave notice at my old job, my last day was to be October 28, and on November first, I started at Canonical.

My first day at Canonical was interesting, it began early with a drive to the airport and a flight to Orlando for UDS-P. It was a great way to start a new job, I left the early 10″ (250mm) Colorado snow behind for palm trees and meeting my new team. I met most of them while enjoying dinner and beers in the evening breeze of Orlando by the pool at the Caribe Royale.

I had to shovel my deck so I could grill when I had some of my family visit

My wife, left behind in Colorado with my parents and our kid who had just contracted Chicken Pox was less than pleased with these photos taken by the pool at the Caribe Royale

Once I returned to Colorado, I soon discovered my job at Canonical was one of a radical generalist. There had not been a single week that went by where I didn’t do something new or work on something new. Our team’s mission is to take Ubuntu and make it work great for customers on various ARM-based platforms. “Make it work great” means that almost anything you’ve ever used in Ubuntu, we’ve had to fix or tweak during one of our projects. In addition to hardware, we’ve also been able to work on some cool features, like remote login and improving test automation in checkbox, and too many more to mention here.

It’s been a fun, educational, and challenging twelve months and I hope the next twelve continue the trend.

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